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Sales Kits

Minimum Qty 100

Custom Sales Kits - Minimum Qty 100
Are you looking for the BEST Sales Kit For Your traveling sales teams and Brand Ambassadors

Teams love our All in One Sales Kits! Check out the video to learn more!
Great hardware needs great portability! These custom Sales Kits start with a custom banner stand or custom graphic display solution Made in USA. Our products normally ship in corrugated boxes or tubes to arrive safely. Sales Kits take this to a whole other level.
We can pair the display you’re buying with a case and custom foam inserts that keep every component safe, and neat to help ensure each piece is put back the same way each time and protected from bumps and damage during travel. Space can be provided for graphics and accessories (e.g. canopy weights), as well as product samples where applicable.
These are the ideal displays for pharmaceutical sales representatives, experiential retail events, brand activation, and trade shows to offer all your field sales team the most beautiful and professional sales activation display.  Custom cases and case inserts are made to order based on the product, specifications and quantity, so each part has its own place in the packaging. Minimum quantities do apply and start at a 100 piece minimum quantity for basic sales kits.
Benefits of the Custom Sales Kits include:
  1. Helps save money by reducing damage to display
  2. Reduces lost parts, keeping display ready at a moments notice
  3. Help save time when setting up for trade shows by keeping contents organized 
  4. Ensures product is properly protected in transit
  5. Save money on installation, paying once for protection rather than for labor to repair
  6. Enhance the visual appeal of your product or sales demo
  7. Give traveling sales representatives the most professional product display solution
  8. Custom foam inserts from small carry cases to large rolling hard shells
  9. One sales kit can accommodate a variety of components. We’ve even built a case for our Ultra Straight Flatwalls 20’ W x 10’ H display (FWU2010)

Our customers are saving money as their reps are instantly able to sell rather than spending time looking for pieces or fiddling with something that got bumped in transit. They’ve told us that these have been an excellent investment. Plus, easily enhance functionality with available accessories, hardware, graphics and other integrations.

These sales  enablement kits put an entire presentation kit into one bag. Custom foam inserts for visual displays help provide a spot for each component. If you want the best banner stand experience, reach out to us today!
To learn more about custom cases and custom inserts for visual display challenges, reach out to a member of our Sales Team.